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An iconography of the monuments in the middle of the statements described so far closes this first issue, or rather this first part of the collection. How a board of this kind is beneficial to do better understand the artistic value of each monument…

Table XXV
To the right of this sacred chapel of St. Raymond told in the church of St. Mary above Minerva is seen, as it stands in this table, the sepulchral monument which Spanish Didaco De Coca is put through. It consists of a basement and two…

Table XXIV
In the Binnacle of St. Omobono built to care for the company of tailors on the ruins of the basilica of St. Savior in porch is wonderful that even modest artistic loveliness of the deposit there the knight Tosi offers to see in this…

That is what I mentioned about the variety of decorations that runs between it and the monument of the Ex-Valdes each may seem to us to judge by looking at the details that the knight drew Tosi on this board a greater proportion of the…

Table XXII
And if the opinion of the author of the Knight Tosi around the Ex - Valdes storage place in St. James of the Spaniards , and then moved onto the porch of the hospice of St. Mary of Montserrat, was received with acclaim by the smart of '…

Table XXI
In the same church of St. Mary above Minerva, even on the same wall where the tomb of the Tornabuoni and just above this referred to the treatment table XIII property rises deposit drawn in this table. Five shelves, including standard or…

Table XX
The details of the sacred monument displayed on the preceding table are so many wise and rich qualities that the knight Tosi proposed to present them clearly in this. And what made love that the advice was to bring together in this…

Table XIX
It would be enough that the altar is presented in this table to have made a wise degree of perfection in which they were the sister arts in the fifteenth and sixteenth century. In fact, the architectural proportions or want to, or do you…

Among the few works of sculpture by Mino da Fiesole in Rome hath made the ciborioche committed the Cardinal Barbo, then Paul II, and existing in the ancient church of St. Marc. True and not having Mino wrote your name in it. But whether…

Table XVII
From this table, which provides us with precision the details we have enough to better them admiring the artistic merit of the sepulchral monument described above.
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