Monumento Sepolcrale di Giovanni de Coca nella Chiesa di S. Maria sopra Minerva

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Monumento Sepolcrale di Giovanni de Coca nella Chiesa di S. Maria sopra Minerva


Sepulchral monument of Giovanni de C. in the church of St. Mary above Minerva


Table XXV
To the right of this sacred chapel of St. Raymond told in the church of St. Mary above Minerva is seen, as it stands in this table, the sepulchral monument which Spanish Didaco De Coca is put through. It consists of a basement and two pedestals protrude forward and containing two -arms ending with a pastoral and the other a machine gun glue : among those states where the entry imparansi the quality of the extinct . Which lies stretched over an urn supported by a small support, flanked by two dad decorated with cornucopias and adorned with a band over a couplet which exposes this judgment : that if vertu porggia to the sky, some of this blessed country welcomes the spirit of the deceased while it closes the sepulcher the body . Two beautiful pillars binned argons above those dice placed beside the casket and go to support the entablature, on which a small attic is based on an entablature in the shape of a shell with swirls and primary phases in the sides and in the middle of a coat of arms which hangs over a cross. The upper wall of the casket and decorated with a fresco failure by time, but you do not see that do not let tuttvia depict the divine Savior in his majesty to judge between two angels who give their trumpets. He raises his right hand in the high solemnly pronounce the words for which the elect will ascend to his bosom, and bowed quietly to the edge in the anime that aim at the head of the prelate is lying, almost melt from the body, joining hands in pious act, how to worship the divine decree that raises as the right to award each of martyrdom. We would like to mention the name of the maker of the work done so: but we succeeded in vain every search around him. What we can write to and what he revealed analysis of this deposit, that he had one or more artists who work there, the work they arose worthy of commendation and should take solemn witness Artistic valor of those who led it.


Drawn by Francesco M. Tosi


Presso l'Editore Proprietario


15th and 16th Sculpture


Unknown Donor


Geneseo Foundation


Volumes 2, 3, 4, and 5


20 x 16






Italian Monuments in Rome created during the 15th and 16th Century


Prints were made circa 1835 to 1860




Drawn by Francesco M. Tosi , “Monumento Sepolcrale di Giovanni de Coca nella Chiesa di S. Maria sopra Minerva,” LLB Galleries, accessed September 22, 2021,