Monumento Sepolcrale di Giacomo Tebaldi nella Chiesa di S. Maria sopra Minerva

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Monumento Sepolcrale di Giacomo Tebaldi nella Chiesa di S. Maria sopra Minerva


Sepulchral monument of James Tebaldi in the church of St. Mary above Minerva


Table XXI
In the same church of St. Mary above Minerva, even on the same wall where the tomb of the Tornabuoni and just above this referred to the treatment table XIII property rises deposit drawn in this table. Five shelves, including standard or candelabra or run festoons of fruit, whose support base in the middle two winged cherubs hold a table. In this written and how the monument superimposed divided into two floors with a frame, was erected to the memory of Cardinal James Tebaldi died in 1466, and for his Christian virtues had in great admiration of Pope Calisto. In the lower floor lies an urn above the cardinal dressed in bishop's robes. From the depth of the upper floor is revealed this was intended to contain some sculpture, ignoring, however, if never been asked or if it was then removed. The pillars cut in the middle of the frame that already have to aim in the below -arms of the noble lineage of Tebaldi, in two niches above the Saints James and Rocco, the one and the other patrons of the deceased. It overlooks the entablature and finally to them this a stylish over- honored, in the midst of which is a bas-relief in a glory of the Divine Savior scrafini having a book in his left hand , the book of his law , and with his right hand in the act of blessing . Oh this figure really shines with divine beauty! With a nod from him who can destroy and bless as in this act manifested to man the whole spirit of His law of love!
Not without good reason is attributed to this monument carver Andrea Verrocchio by a talented artist of the time.


Drawn by Francesco M. Tosi


Presso l'Editore Proprietario


15th and 16th Sculpture


Unknown Donor


Geneseo Foundation


Volumes 2, 3, 4, and 5


20 x 16






Italian Monuments in Rome created during the 15th and 16th Century


Prints were made circa 1835 to 1860




Drawn by Francesco M. Tosi , “Monumento Sepolcrale di Giacomo Tebaldi nella Chiesa di S. Maria sopra Minerva,” LLB Galleries, accessed September 22, 2021,