Monumento Sepolcrale di Valentino d'ausia del Poggio nella Chiesa di S. Sabina

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Monumento Sepolcrale di Valentino d'ausia del Poggio nella Chiesa di S. Sabina


In the old church of San Sabina, built according to some in 425 under Pope Celestine in that place where the saint has his father’s house, but not consecrated shortly after the pontificate of Sisto III., exists this monument. It is located in the chapel of S. Rosario, made to manufacture at the expense of Cardinal Valentino d’Ausia del Poggio buried here.
This distinguished cardinal was born in Zativa in the kingdom of Valencia, and it became clear for many doctrines and for the sanctity of matters. Acting as advisor to the King of Aragon, he went as ambassador of several principles. Sixtus IV declared him the governor of Rome and on May 17, 1473 made him cardinal. For he was invited as ambassador to Fredrick III and the kings of Hungary, Bohemia, and Poland to excite them in taking up arms against the Turks. I was received on behalf of Pope Eleonora of Aragon that was going to marry the Duke of Ferrara. In 1476, he was the administrator of Capaccio, archbishop of Monreale, and administrator of Zaragoza. He attended decorously the diet of Frankfort. (Abbellì) and factories grew in his titular church of S. Sabina. He was largely protected by his scholars and writers with their own fortunes, and was so liberal to the poor by naming his heirs in his will. Man truly esteemed and highly commendable, as long as the virtues of the heart, if nothing else except for voice, will follow to have the first place among the people.
The friends that were interpreters of his last will, as gathered from the epigraph, made him raise this monument, a work remarkable for agreement with the architecture, for the elegance of ornaments and for goodness of sculpture. The base has the inscription and the weapons of the diseased: the pillars of the four cardinal virtues to the left, justice and fortitude, and in front, prudence and temperance.


Drawn by Francesco M. Tosi


Presso l'Editore Proprietario


15th and 16th Century Sculpture


Unknown Donor


Geneseo Foundation


Volumes 1, 2, 4, and 5


20 x 16






Italian Monuments in Rome created during the 15th and 16th Century


Prints were made circa 1835 to 1860




Drawn by Francesco M. Tosi, “Monumento Sepolcrale di Valentino d'ausia del Poggio nella Chiesa di S. Sabina,” LLB Galleries, accessed September 22, 2021,