Altare nell'andito che immete nella Sagrestia di S. Maria del Popolo

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Altare nell'andito che immete nella Sagrestia di S. Maria del Popolo


Altar in the passage that leads into the sacristy of Santa Maria del Popolo


This a gift made by William Periera to the church of S. Maria del Popolo in 1447, and the work is really commendable for the beauty of its decorations and for the kindness of its design. One day it will have been in the church since the noble ornament of the altar, but having afterwards to give way to other works, he sought to place it among many other works in that hallway for which you enter in the sacristy.
It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, as seen from the inscription carved into the base and flanked by the arms of the donor. From this base there are four pillars, which support a cornice carved in the three parts that make it up. Above this cornice and corresponding to the width of two pillars median with their whole thickness is a bezel that encompasses head of the Savior. The three-pillar and open niches contain three figures standing: the middle one is the effigy of the Virgin Mary, who has the right niche in the shape of an S. Augustine, Bishop and left that of S. Catherine. The beauty of the ornaments, which are the pillars of the simplicity of the work, and the manner in which it dealt with the large party of folds, which are made from 'other mantles that are dressed in the three figures, the fans believe this to what fine, and press to be a model for those who are dedicated to the beautiful art is ornamental.
The same William Pereira makes a gift of another beautiful altar (istile) not conformed to this the church of S. Paul, and we will give you more than before.


Drawn by Francesco M. Tosi


Presso l'Editore Proprietario


15th and 16th Century Sculpture


Unknown Donor


Geneseo Foundation


Volumes 1, 2, 4, and 5


20 x 16






Italian Monuments in Rome created during the 15th and 16th Century


Prints were made circa 1835 to 1860




Drawn by Francesco M. Tosi, “Altare nell'andito che immete nella Sagrestia di S. Maria del Popolo,” LLB Galleries, accessed September 22, 2021,