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The Collection telling the story of 'Othello' in prints.


Othello Re-Imagined in Sepia
Images from Original Intaglios by
Curlee Raven Holton
Text by
Ian Smith PhD
Portfolio printed on BFK White
container bound in Iris book cloth wich
spines of Asahi cloth

Printed and bound at
The Experimental Printmaking Institute
Lafayette College, Easton, PA
printer: Jase Clark
Evan McGovern
This is Number:



Curlee R. Holton




Geneseo Foundation and the Milne Library Archives



Collection Items

Othello Re-Imagined in Sepia: Introduction
Introductory description to Othello series text (in Sepia).

Behold the Moor of Venice (The Moor or Universal Man)
Title page preceding print of "Behold the Moor."

Behold the Moor
Sepia print of full length man (sepia).

The Arrival: A Festive Welcome and Hope for a Bright Future
Title page preceding print of "The Arrival."

The Arrival
Sepia print of a man on a horse.

The Seduction
Sepia print with figure in the top left corner and bottom right.

Festival of Piazza San Marco: the man in the mark: in the midst of celebration, doubt
Title page preceding print of "Festival of Piazza San Marco."

Festival of Piazza San Marco
Sepia print of married man at a festival.

Dream of Two Different Worlds: Title Page
Title page preceding print of "Dream of Two Different Worlds."
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