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Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Silverman Collection

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This Collection contains oil paintings from several School of Paris artists: Blaquiere, Grandmaison, Hardy, Hasegawa, Marchand des Raux, Sanh, Tanaka,…

Contributors: Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Silverman

The Lucy Harmon Collection


This collection contains ceramics from a variety of Native American groups, including the Zuni, Acoma, Isleta, Zia, Santo Domingo, Tesuque, San…

Contributors: Lucy Harmon (previously in English Department at SUNY Geneseo)

The Robert Green Collection


Gift from Robert Green (at one time a faculty member at SUNY Geneseo). Green's Arabian Nights Puppets Collection consists of 27 puppets from 1925.…

Contributors: Robert Green and Students

M. O. Wescott