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sahn woman blue and red rs.jpg
Abstract Expressionism c. 1950
Oil on linen
School of Paris
Signature: LR.

Georges Sanh was born in 1909 in Hanoi, his father was French. He is a self-taught painter and expresses himself in a very personal way. He has been exhibited in…

Wisteria A-11.JPG
Realism c. 1870s
Received by the college in 1971

Old Accession Number: J-2D-JEFFREY-A-11

For more information see the Jeffrey Collection description

goetz v fillet.jpg
Sticks and Sun
Oil on canvas
School of Paris

Henri Goetz was born in New York in 1909 and arrived in Paris in 1930. He became a naturalized French citizen in 1949. Goetz had 32 one-man exhibitions in Europe. He is well known for his work in…

priking 2 vase of flowers rs.jpg
Realism. The date of attribution is 1959.
Oil on canvas
School of Paris
Signature: UL

Franz Priking was born in 1927 in Germany. In 1947 he was attracted to painting and abandoned his college studies in Weimar, entering the Bauhaus…

Raux Untitled (1980.8.13)
Abstract Expressionism c. 1955
Oil on canvas
School of Paris
Signature: LR

Louis Marchand des Raux was born in Touraine in 1904 and went to the south of France in 1920. He started to paint in 1934 and was completely self-taught. An eminent…

Pen and Ink.

There are two drawings on one page of paper. The top half of the page shows a three-dimensional rectangular form with carvings. The bottom half shows a rectangle with "carved" cherubs and crest in the middle, lions on the left and…

grandjean 1980.8.9.jpg
School of Paris, non-figurative painter
Oil on canvas
Signature: LL

Raymond Grandjean was born in Lyon, France in 1929. He was independent in his artistic development, becoming a non-figurative painter in 1951. He had one-man shows in France…

Bowl, white with brown painted decorations. Label Description: "30" "Acoma" painted on bottom.

Acoma pottery is known for being intricately decorated. The pieces are also generally large, and used for storage purposes.

Further information can…

Saucer, tan with painted decorations. Flower in center of saucer. Label Description: "ZIA Pueblo P. HI".

Further information can be found in the Harmon Collection information folder.

Old Accession Number: H-PT-UNKNOWN-SWNAI-24.

Large, shallow bowl, triangular pattern on inside. Label Description: "Sanjuan" "75 cents".

Further information can be found in the Harmon Collection information folder.

Old Accession Number: H-PT-UNKNOWN-SWNAI-23.
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