"Ships at Anchor-Night"

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"Ships at Anchor-Night"


Oil Painting


Oil on canvas
School of Paris
Signature: LR

James Coignard was born in Tours, France in 1925. He remained there until he was 17, then went to live in Paris. During the war, he returned to Touraine. While there, he met the painter Marchand des Raux. When Marchand des Raux returned to St. Jean, Cap Ferrat, Coignard joined him and worked in the studio belonging to Marchand des Raux. He made his home with this painter for many years. Coignard set himself up in a pottery studio in St. Cloud, continuing to paint and draw and to exhibit in the galleries of the Left Bank. In Paris, he met other painters and took part in the difficult life of Paris. He married in 1956 and abandoned Paris and pottery. He went to live on the Riviera. He had one-man shows in Sweden, Geneva, Venice, Paris, New York and Berlin. He also took part in a School of Paris exhibition in Dublin in 1960 and in Tokyo in 1961. He is represented in the following museums: Dublin Museum, Museum of San Diego, Museum of New Mexico, Historical Society of Montana, La Jolla Art Centre, Oklahoma Art Centre. Group Shows: 1956, Won first prize in Barcelona show of Fine Arts. 1957, Second Prize young painters & Juan Gris Prize honorable mention. 1959, Alexandria Biennale. 1960, Ecole de Paris & Galerie Charpentier. 1961, Salon de Paris (Japan). 1964, Biennale de Menton. 1964, First Prize Dorothy Gould.

Old Accession Number: SL-2D-Coignard-1.


James Coignard (1925-2008)


Gift from Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Silverman




One of 21 Oil Paintings in the Silverman Collection (1980.8.1 - 1980.8.21)


22 x 29.5




coignard ships at anchor  night rs.jpg


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