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Curlee R. Holton Collection


The Collection telling the story of 'Othello' in prints.


Othello Re-Imagined in Sepia
Images from Original Intaglios by
Curlee Raven…

Contributors: Geneseo Foundation and the Milne Library Archives

Emilio Sanchez

Gift from Emilio Sanchez Foundations
19 west 21 Street, Suite 502, New York NY 10010

Contributors: Emilio Sanchez Foundation


Sweetheart Abbey A-14.jpg

A biography of the artist, Agnes Jeffrey, by her niece, Virginia Jeffrey Smith, who gave the paintings to SUNY Geneseo in Agnes Jeffrey's memory:…

Contributors: Virginia Jeffrey Smith

Jorge and Norma Gracia

Norma 2017.9.4.jpeg

A collection of Latin American art

Contributors: Anonymous (Peru)
Gonzalez, Victor Manuel (Cuban)
Mcgill, R. (Jamaican)
Martinez de Valdivielso, Jose (Cuban)
Campora, Miguel (Argentinian)
Gontard, Etienne (Argentinian)
Destefanis, Hector (Argentinian)
Francisco Cancio Lazo, Juan (Cuban)
Menza, Nicolas (Argentinian)
D'Leo, Claudio (Argentinian)

Raccolta di Monumenti Sacri e Sepolcrali


Volume 1

Contributors: Unknown Donor

Raccolta di Monumenti Sacri e Sepolcrali Volume 3


Raccolta di Monumenti Sacri e Sepolcrali Volume 4


Richard Beale

P1030918 (2).jpg

Former faculty Richard Beale's various collections including several prints

Contributors: Richard Beale


grandjean 1980.8.9.jpg

This Collection contains oil paintings from several School of Paris artists: Blaquiere, Grandmaison, Hardy, Hasegawa, Marchand des Raux, Sanh, Tanaka,…

Contributors: Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Silverman

The Lucy Harmon Collection


This collection contains ceramics from a variety of Native American groups, including the Zuni, Acoma, Isleta, Zia, Santo Domingo, Tesuque, San…

Contributors: Lucy Harmon (previously in English Department at SUNY Geneseo)